TWICE 2017 March Reception

Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Time: Reception 6:00-7:00 / Panel Discussion 7:00-8:00

Location: Fort Gibraltar

Event Description:

Diversity is entering the profession in various ways.  Some shifts are societal, such as strong immigration to Canada bringing an increasingly culturally diverse workforce to the profession.  Within Canada, there is increased awareness of the benefits to actively work toward greater Indigenous participation in the professional workforce.  Across society, people of different sexual orientations and all gender identities are expecting to be included free of harassment or stigma.  Longer careers highlight the differing value orientations of generations in the workforce, ranging from Millennials, Generation X, Boomers, and Builders.  In engineering, we are acutely aware of our long-standing imbalance in the numbers of women in the profession, and our lack of meaningful progress in increasing female participation and retention in the profession.

We have assembled a panel of two women and two men who represent different parts of our industry and are all leaders in their organizations, to help us explore perspectives on diversity.  We’ve asked the panelists to think about how diversity shows up in their workplaces, the roles they play to address diversity as leaders in their workplaces, and challenging all of us to recognize our own points of privilege.

Ticket price: Individual Tickets $25 or 5 Tickets for $100.

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