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AECOM Canada Ltd. - Keystone Award Recipient - Eureka Nunavut - Water and Sewer in the Far North - 2017

AECOM Canada Ltd.

This multi-disciplinary engineering project will provide upgraded sewer and water systems under conditions unique to the High Arctic Weather Station, located in Eureka, Nunavut on the 80th parallel.
The project will supply 22 months of raw water storage, with accommodation for up to 2.4 meters of ice and temperatures as low as -55 C. Eureka’s wastewater treatment system will meet stringent Wastewater System Effluent Regulation guidelines. AECOM’s solution was to include a containerized biological wastewater treatment process using Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology to remove organic compounds, while reusing an existing storage lagoon cell; since treated effluent can only be discharged for two months per year.

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