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Winnipeg Water Treatment Plant - 2011

AECOM and CH2MHill

The Winnipeg Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is a new $300 million facility that has helped the City of Winnipeg reduce the risk of waterborne disease, lower the level of disinfection by-products and improve the water’s taste and odour. The 400 million liter per day plant, uses a dual train system that integrates several advanced filtration and treatment processes, including dissolved air flotation, ozonation, biologically activated carbon filtration and ultraviolet disinfection. The WTP has achieved water quality results that exceed provincial regulatory requirements.

AECOM, in partnership with CH2MHill, provided pilot testing, conceptual and detail design, and construction management services for the project. The WTP’s construction phase spanned five years and involved 56 individual contracts and more than 2,000 project drawings. In total the plant’s design includes 40 programmable logic controllers (PLC), 140 pumps, 2,300 valves and 1,400 instruments. The project was constructed and integrated into service while maintaining continuous water supply to the City of Winnipeg. “Our success on this project can be attributed to the dedication and efforts of the entire project team,” said Ray Bilevicius, associate vice president, AECOM. “It also speaks to the strong working relationship developed with our client and other stakeholders.”

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