Mission Statement

To promote the business interests of the Consulting Engineers of Manitoba: and to promote the application of engineering for the benefit of Society.


  • Increase Public awareness of the pivotal role that consulting engineers play in the application of technology, safety and protection of society.
  • Ensure Government recognition of consulting engineers’ leading role in the management and application of technology , and of its benefit to Manitobans.
  • Continuously strengthen and increase Association membership.
  • Become the definitive voice on critical issues facing the consulting engineering industry.
  • Strengthen and increase the working relationships  with organizations and associations closely affiliated with Manitoba’s consulting engineering industry.
  • Promote the engagement of consulting engineering firms using the industry recognized process of Quality Based Selection (QBS).

Message From The President

It is an honour to serve as ACEC-Manitoba’s President for the 2016-2017 term.  My sincerest gratitude is extended to our Past-President Alana Gauthier, the ACEC board, Shirley Tillett, Kerri Hiebert and the committed volunteers for their time and hard work.

The change in our Provincial leadership will present some challenges and unique opportunities for the upcoming year.  Fortunately, the association will be able to continue the momentum that was built by past-President Cameron Dyck in 2014 and strategically continued by Alana Gauthier in 2015.  Going forward, we need to continue to build relationships with the current political leaders, while also combining our efforts with other stakeholder organizations such as the Certified Technicians and Technologists of Manitoba (CTTAM), Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba, Manitoba Association of Architects (MAA) and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) because we share common objectives.

As a result, the next year will be focused on three key areas:

  1. advancing the work of the government affairs committee,
  2. supporting the activities of our committees that bring immediate and direct benefits to our members, and
  3. establishing a longer term strategic plan that is aligned with ACEC-Canada objectives as well as our own.

The Government Affairs committees and sub-committees have been focused on getting the message out about Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) as a procurement strategy, the consequences of Manitoba joining the New West Partnership Trade Agreement and the disadvantages of our current Limitation of Actions Act.

To this end strategic plans have been developed to approach each of these issues.  Many discussions have already been held with Provincial and Municipal leaders, as well as the City of Winnipeg and other stakeholders, to discuss each of these three main issues.

Not only are we striving to implement change, but we are also improving our communications with Government and promoting the consulting engineering profession. Ultimately, we will increase public awareness of the pivotal role that consulting engineering companies play in the application of technology, safety and protection of society. These efforts require consistency in our messaging as well as continuity from one year to the next.

The second key area for the association will be to continue those activities where the benefit to our members is immediate. These activities range from industry mixers, social events, mentoring opportunities, training opportunities, networking and of course recognition, through the annual awards. There will also be a greater focus on communicating these events before, during and after they occur.

The third key area for the association in 2016-2017, will be in the development of a longer term strategic plan for ACEC-MB.  The goal is to develop a plan that is aligned with ACEC-Canada while making it relevant to us locally.  I expect our local plan to include the goal of improved diversity; strategies for working with the City of Winnipeg on their upcoming changes to their procurement processes; and to provide the types of events, support and training that is useful to our membership.

The next year is shaping up to be a busy one. New government infrastructure projects are expected to offset the declines experienced in other sectors. It is a promising time to be in the consulting engineering business in Manitoba.

Allyson Desgrosielliers

ACEC-MB President

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