Following are some frequently asked questions pertaining to ACEC-Manitoba

For Engineers and EITs:

Q: What is ACEC-Manitoba

A: ACEC Manitoba is a non-profit association of private consulting engineering companies which was founded in 1978. ACEC Manitoba represents the commercial interests of businesses that provide professional engineering services, to both the public and the private sector. Our members’ services include planning, designing and implementing all types of engineering projects, and providing independent advice and expertise in a wide range of engineering-related fields. ACEC Manitoba includes 32 Member Firms, a 14 member Board of Directors, 6 Affiliate Members and an Executive Director. ACEC Manitoba is a Member Organization in the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC). Membership in ACEC Manitoba means automatic membership in ACEC Canada, and representation at the national level.

Q: Who is eligible to join? Are individual memberships available?

A: ACEC Manitoba is a firm-based association. Accordingly, only “corporate” memberships are available. However, if a firm consists of a one-person shop, then it is eligible to join as are firms of any size. In order to join as a regular member, a firm must have a registered licenced professional within the Province of Manitoba and provide professional design services. All employees of a member firm are considered ACEC Manitoba members.

Q: What is the difference between ACEC Manitoba and Engineers Geoscientist Manitoba?

A: Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is, under the authority of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, the governing body of the licensing and regulation of professional engineers and professional geoscientists in Manitoba with a primary duty to protect the public interest. ACEC Manitoba is a voluntary industry association composed of Manitoba companies and entities that offer engineering and/or geoscience consulting services with a sole goal of promoting and supporting the business interests of its members. Most of the principals and many employees of ACEC-MB member companies are Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists as such their professional conduct is governed under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act.

Q: Is ACEC Manitoba hiring?

A: Our member firms could be hiring. Click on the following link for a list of our member firms:

ACEC-MB Member Firms


Q: Is there a Mentorship Program available through ACEC Manitoba?

A: Yes, the ACEC Manitoba Young Professionals Committee runs a Mentorship Program every year along with the University of Manitoba. For more information about this program, click on the following link:

Mentorship Program


For the general public:

Q: How do I hire a consulting engineer?

A:  Please refer to the ACEC Canada document “Best Practices for Hiring Engineering Firms” located at:

Best Practices for Hiring Engineers

And look up our Member Firms by area of specialization: Member Firms by Category


For other questions and information, please contact the ACEC-MB Executive Director – Kerri Hiebert at ed@acec-mb.ca

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