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Engineering is a diverse profession; very diverse. The good news is you get to choose the kind of work you will do and where you’ll do it. The bad news is sometimes big decisions can be difficult.
Consulting is a common career for engineers and ACEC-MB is here to show you why a career in consulting engineering is a direction you should definitely want to consider. We’ve loaded our site with recent information, great videos, and links to useful resources. Consulting can provide a job that is very exciting and dynamic with lots of opportunities for growth and varied experience.

The top 5 reasons to consider a career in consulting engineering are:

1. Great Opportunities

Consulting engineering has real growth potential and after investing thousands of dollars and hours into becoming an engineer, turn that investment into a career! All the work that is happening right now in this country and around the world, renewing and modernizing infrastructure and building new, involve consulting engineers at each step of the way. New roads, bridges, buildings, transit systems, and water treatment facilities create demand for consulting engineers every day. In this demand lies great opportunity to grow and diversify your skills.

2. Real Challenges

You didn’t choose an engineering degree because you like snoozing through life with your brain on stand-by. You’re hooked on the thrill of learning, thinking, and solving. You love to tackle the big challenges others may run from. Consulting engineering is all about solving problems: small day to day problems that affect people’s lives and large, complex problems that affect society. And when you’re part of the team that finds the safest, most cost-effective, and elegant solution, well… the feeling is pure magic!

3. Go Green

Some people talk about the importance of renewable energy and sustainable development. Consulting engineers don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and take action. If you love this planet, you’ll love designing the technology that will keep our air and water clean and clear for future generations.

4. Make a Difference

Consulting engineers can have an enormous impact on the quality of life people enjoy. Do you think safe roads and bridges are important? Do you value the health benefits of clean drinking water? Are you charged up by the link between reliable, affordable electricity and economic development? Then this is a career you can most definitely feel passionate about!

5. Think Global

If you’re looking for an opportunity to travel the country and the world, consulting engineering can make it happen. There are opportunities in countries around the world and Canadian consulting engineering companies are among the most respected players in this industry. Pack your bags, get ready to see the world and shape it!

Consulting engineering firms are continuously seeking motivated new graduates. With ACEC-MB firms offering expertise in over 150 fields of specialization, consulting engineering offers access to a multitude of career opportunities with ACEC-MB member firms. Consulting engineering provides a number of diverse career paths including technical specialization, project management, staff management, construction management and administration, business development, and many, many more!

The expertise of ACEC-MB member firms is sought not only in Manitoba, but throughout the world. ACEC-MB firms provide engineering and technology solutions to clients locally, throughout Canada, and around the world. ACEC-MB member firms range from small independent firms with less than five staff to large international firms with rosters of hundreds of engineering professionals. Some firms specialize in one area of engineering while others offer a wide range of multidisciplinary services. All firms share the same pride in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to their clients. Members of ACEC-MB adhere to the highest standards of competence and professional practice.

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