Mission Statement

To promote the business interests of the Consulting Engineers of Manitoba: and to promote the application of engineering for the benefit of Society.

Increase Public awareness of the pivotal role that consulting engineers play in the application of technology, safety and protection of society.
Ensure Government recognition of consulting engineers' leading role in the management and application of technology , and of its benefit to Manitobans.
Continuously strengthen and increase Association membership.
Become the definitive voice on critical issues facing the consulting engineering industry.
Strengthen and increase the working relationships  with organizations and associations closely affiliated with Manitoba's consulting engineering industry.
Promote the engagement of consulting engineering firms using the industry recognized process of Quality Based Selection (QBS).

Message From The President

Alana Gauthier

I am proud to serve as ACEC-Manitoba’s President for the 2015-2016 term.  My sincere thanks extend to Past President Cameron Dyck, the ACEC board, Shirley Tillett and all of our amazing volunteers for all of their hard work.  

As we navigate the future of ACEC, it is vital that we continue to be mindful of the interests of all our members. I have become aware that quite often our membership is unaware of our organization’s initiatives and the value that we bring to them. One initiative that we will be doing in 2015 to address this issue is communication improvement. The YPs have an excellent system of getting information to our young professionals. We have formed an adhoc committee to determine how to get information out to the rest of our membership. 

My second initiative is to increase public awareness of the pivotal role that consulting engineers play in the application of technology, safety and protection of society. We are striving through our new Government Affairs committee (formed in 2014) to improve our communication with provincial and city government and promote the consulting engineering sector. 

My third initiative is to increase the visibility of our profession. Other provincial ACEC organizations make statements on large infrastructure projects in the media. I believe we need to do the same to increase our visibility. We will be issuing press releases supporting initiatives such as the Pipeline East which benefit our membership. Our target is to have government approach ACEC-MB when they are drafting policy that has an impact on consulting engineers.

My fourth initiative is a two-tier coordinated approach of approaching both the policy makers and the government officials to change legislation. We will be organizing a Lobbying 101 session in the Fall. Everyone is welcome, so previous lobbying experience although appreciated is not required. Please see the advocacy section in our website for more details.

My fifth initiative is coordinating changes to federal legislation with ACEC-Canada. We will be meeting with local representatives while our counterpart in Ottawa will be meeting with the people who can change the documents.

ACEC-MB is fortunate to have amazing, hardworking volunteers. John Gamble from ACEC-Canada indicated he has seen no other MO accomplish so much with so few. I encourage anyone who’s interested to please get involved.

Alana Gauthier, P.Eng.

ACEC-Manitoba President